Project33 is going to offer Guaranteed Mobility.
Three trends are defining the near future: electric mobility, anything as a service and open innovation. P33 pick up on these three trends to create a mobility innovation unseen since the introduction of the Ford model-T. We are taking a unique integrated view on infrastructure, vehicles and service.


Guaranteed Mobility offers you a car within walking distance at any time for a fixed weekly fee. You can pick up this car at a location of your convenience and leave the car anywhere within the service area. Our service takes the hassle of ownership out of the hands of car users. We are going to offer individual mobility for a fraction of the environmental impact of the current fleet of fossil fuel burning cars.

We can do this by harnessing the data generated by our users. Predicting movements and thus making sure there is always a vehicle ready. The way we operate the fleet of cars for use, not for being parked, reduces the number of vehicles necessary. Using an all electric fleet limits environmental impact and reduces maintenance costs. And all of this, for a revolutionary low fee that no mobility provider will be able to offer.

We will start with rolling out our service within closed user groups. In a later stage the service will be publicly available and we will start building national coverage.